Make Twitter Profitable: Here Are 6 Companies That Did Just That

Adwords in ‘01. It was a goldmine – If you knew how to use it. Twitter Ads have the potential to be the next gold rush for anyone looking to market their business. But as with Adwords in ‘01, you need to know how to maneuver around and bend the Twitter platform to earn a ROI. In this article we’ll look at the strategies used by 6 companies who managed to earn an ROI using Twitter Ads.Read the full article

Vinnie Jones' hard and fast Hands-only CPR (funny short film) (full-length version)

Find out more at: Vinnie Jones shows how hard and fast Hands-only CPR to Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees can help save the life of someone who has had a cardiac arrest. The Hollywood hardman is starring in a British Heart Foundation TV advert urging more people to carry out CPR in a medical emergency.