How to Nail Your Next Video Script (Plus 3 Mistakes to Avoid)

Facebook have caught on. With over 1 billion users they know how we consume content better than anyone. And video matters. Video matters so much that Facebook want it in your stream more than any other form of content. The push towards video marketing is so prevalent that it’s created a fork in the road for all marketers. Are you in or out? You have a choice, just like everyone else.Read the full article

Gigtown Explainer Video

At we created this explainer video for Gigtown. Script transcript below: Booking a gig has always been a complex and time-consuming task. You have to find a band you like that is within your price range and available for the day of your event; not to mention the hidden charges and extra fees that make the cost of the gig skyrocket. But does it really have to be this way? What if I told you that there is a place, filled with music, where booking a local band for your event is so easy that it can take seconds, not months. A place where you can use your smartphone to discover talented musicians that fit your budget and style, even for an event happening on the same day. The good news is this amazing place really exists, right in your own hometown ... Welcome to Gigtown!" Gigtown is the first mobile app and platform that allows you to discover and book local musicians in just seconds. Download Gigtown on your smartphone and tell us where and when your event will take place. Immediately, you will get a list of all of the artists and bands that are available for your event. You can compare prices, listen to their songs, watch their live performance videos, and view ratings and reviews from their previous gigs. And, if you’re a musician you can sign up for free! Go to and create your artist profile. Set your hourly rate, download Gigtown’s free app, and start getting booked for gigs around your hometown. Gigtown Local Music Lives Here.

Triggermail - Explainer Video (by Yum Yum Videos)

At we created this animated explainer video production for Triggermail. Script transcript below: Jill is a marketer at an online retailer. She’s stuck sending batch and blast marketing emails. In her dreams… Jill becomes the ultimate Data Ninja; slicing through the gold mine of behavioral data on site and taking automation, personalization and product discovery to the next level… Hey Jill! Wake up! With TriggerMail you can be a Data Ninja in real life! TriggerMail reads and analyzes customer data for you, and lets you set up infinitely customizable triggers that were never before possible. Add new products and customers who viewed similar ones will be instantly updated. Define custom product cross-sells… . …and layer different dynamic products into one email template. Frequency capping means your customers get better emails, not more of them. And, monitor true statistical lift using our cohort analysis. Unlike other technologies, with Triggermail you’re up and running in just days. You don’t even have to go through your engineering team. Welcome to the new world of email marketing. TriggerMail - take action on your data.

Donate to Band Explainer Video

At we created this explainer video on a tight deadline of 3 weeks. The result was an engaging 2D character animation video with complex background made in record time! Script transcript below: Meet Konstantin. Konstantin is a huge music fan. His favorite band is Calamitous Clang, a metal band he heard at an underground bar in his hometown. When he has a bad day, he cranks Calamitous Clang up, and feels like he has someone who understands him. It’s like they wrote the music just for him. He feels like alive. We listen to a song because it brings back good memories. We listen to a song because it touches us. It’s a perfect connection between artist and fan, except for one problem: Konstantin hasn’t bought a single one of Calamitous Clang’s albums or songs. He just downloaded them all for free. Konstantin was pretty excited for Calamitous Clang’ new album, but when it didn’t come out, he wanted to know why. He headed to the band’s website and read that they didn’t have any money left, so they were cancelling the album and selling their equipment. It doesn’t have to be this way. Donate-to-Band can change everything. With Donate-to-Band, you can get the new music you love, legally, and you can pay whatever you want. If you like a new band, you can download their album and make a donation in any amount, from one cent, to one dollar, to one hundred dollars, if you really love their stuff. Donate-to-Band lets you get all the music you want, while helping bands that deserve your support, so they can keep playing and creating. With Donate-to-Band, Konstantin can get Calamitous Clang’s newest album and give them a few bucks to make sure that this album isn’t their last. Go to today, find amazing new music, and donate whatever you want. – pay what it’s worth to you!

Advanced Fraud Detection - Whiteboard Explainer Video (by Yum Yum Videos)

At we created this explainer video for Fraudlogix. Enter the space invaders theme with this whiteboard video and see how Diane Demand and Sam Supply finally find advertising happiness with Fraudlogix! Script transcript below: Meet Fraudster Fred. He’s part of a huge impression fraud army that fakes up to 1/3 of all traffic in the online ad space, using bots, malware, trojans and hijacked devices to steal money from advertisers. This is Diane Demand and she’s upset! She paid Sam Supply to drive her advertising and wants him to keep fake traffic off the sites he represents. Why should she pay extra to monitor the traffic she buys? Sam Supply totally agrees, but as a seller, he has a thousand times more traffic to monitor! The CPM pricing models of most fraud solutions are affordable for Demand, but financially impossible for Supply’s large scale. This keeps Supply and Demand at odds… and the Fraudsters in business. At Fraudlogix, we do advanced impression fraud detection differently. We’re here to help both Supply and Demand find advertising happiness by eliminating the Fraudster army. We offer a simple, effective solution that both demand & supply can finally afford; with flat rate fees starting at just twenty-five hundred per month. We score every publisher and site in real time to identify the best and worst, based on the percentage of real or fake traffic we find; so educated decisions can be made about which sites to serve ads on. Plus… we guarantee advertisers will see at least a 10% improvement in success metrics within 30 days, or their money back. With Fraudlogix, Fraudsters lose, while Supply and Demand both win… and they’ll advertise happily ever after!

Online Shopping - 3D Explainer Video (by Yum Yum Videos)

At we created this 3d animated explainer video production with advanced motion graphic animation and 3D elements along with 2D character animation to create a futurist atmosphere. Script transcript below: Online shopping in Australia is taking the next leap forward, and we want you to be apart of it. Bricks & mortar stores placed in shopping centres and trendy locations are a great way to gain exposure, but now its time for online. How do you attract new shoppers to your brand? By 2013, Australian Online E-Commerce sales are forecasted to reach over $37 billion dollars. How do you plan to capitalise on this multi billion dollar online shopping industry? Welcome to (Brand) Australia. Introducing the complete digital online shopping center, built with the latest in technological development, and state-of-the-art-design at its core. Whether you are a small vintage boutique, or a large department store, your store will be featured in our shopping center reaching hundreds of thousands of online shoppers across Australia. Best of all - its FREE! There are no upfront costs, no store rental fees, and no contracts. (Brand) takes a commission on a sale, so there is zero risk. How it works We set you up with a unique branded virtual storefront in (Brand)- connect it to your websites product feed and you're ready to go. Customers can then purchase items from your store as they browse (Brand). Paid orders are then sent directly into your store, through our easy to use management interface. We send you the orders, and you take care of the rest. Our technical team is ready to help you launch your storefront right away. Feature your store in high traffic areas across the platform, run sales to reach our audience, tailor campaigns, newsletters and product recommendations to our customers. Expand your online presence, increase sales to your online store, and connect with new shoppers looking for your brand. So what are you waiting for? Its time to take your online store to the next level. (Brand) Australia - Are you in?

Remarkety Explainer Video

At we created this explainer video for Script transcript below: As an owner of a small online shop, you know one reason big box eCommerce stores are worth billions is because they track customer behavior and send targeted emails that drive engagement and grow sales. What if you can do this, too? Well, you can. Remarkety is email marketing automation for ecommerce. Simplified. It’s designed to grow sales by sending effective email campaigns based on customer behavior. Just like the big box websites. Remarkety continuously analyzes data to recommend and send targeted emails that recover abandoned carts and wake up inactive customers. It also sends product recommendations, personalized coupons, newsletters and much more! With Remarkety’s beautiful dashboard, it’s a cinch to customize campaigns and monitor ROI. No technical knowledge is required to instantly grow sales. Remarkety sends the right message, to the right customer, at the right time. So what are you waiting for? Sign up at for free today. Remarkety, email marketing for eCommerce.