13 Logic Mistakes that Make Content Marketers Look Irresponsible

by Demian Farnworth
Because of the high consumer demand for content, we content marketers swoop in to fill that demand. And often because of the heavy demand of our publishing schedules, we get lazy with our arguments. We fall into logical fallacies — mistakes of reasoning — that ultimately make us look dull, careless, or just inexperienced. They make it difficult to build trust with our audiences.Read the full article

Post hoc, ergo propter hoc

After it, therefore, because of it - don't simply assume that because one thing follows another, the first thing caused the second thing to happen. A classic scene from the second episode of The West Wing, where Jed Bartlett implies that the reason he lost Texas was because he believed Texans would never elect a president who spoke latin.

Critical Thinking: Slippery Slope Fallacy Example

Seinfeld: Elaine's Circular Reasoning

Seinfeld Episode The Maid, Elaine attempts to fight the phone company with circular reasoning

Straw Man and Ad Hominem Fallacies

Straw Man and Ad Hominem Fallacies

Begging the Question - Don't Be Dumb

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