Are Robot Writers Really About to Take Over the World?

by Jordan Teicher
Science fiction makes it seem like artificial intelligence is going to take control of our lives, but in all likelihood, those apocalyptic fears are blown way out of proportion. The machines won’t take over, Skynet won’t win, and HAL will open the damn pod bay doors. The dystopia might be a lot more subtle—especially for writers. AI won’t take our freedom. It’ll just take our jobs.Read the full article

Narrative Science and Credit Suisse Present at FinovateFall 2013

Kris Hammond and Tim Bixler, Credit Suisse Managing Director — Global Head of HOLT, discuss how Credit Suisse is leveraging Quill to improve investment research coverage, quality and consistency. Quill analyzes both proprietary and market data to produce monthly and intra-month research reports that assess company expectations, upside and risk to help analysts, bankers, and investors make long-term investment decisions.

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