On the Inside: Casper’s ‘cultural bet’ on content

by Shareen Pathak
This is On the Inside, a new series from Digiday where we take a no-holds-barred tour of brands, agencies and publishers’ spaces and find out what makes them different. Casper, a mattress company that wants to change the way we buy our beds, has in the last couple of months been busy trying to make its name in an entirely different place: journalism.Read the full article

On the Inside: Casper l Digiday

Digiday took tour of the New York City showroom-meets-office of Casper, the upstart mattress the company that wants to change the way you sleep. The mattress industry generates $13.5 billion in sales annually, but Casper wants to upend the whole business. The two-year-old company lets you take a mattress for a test-spin for 100 days. It delivers the mattress (it only sells one kind) to your door in a box. If you like it, keep it. The company says it shipped $20 million worth of mattresses last year. VISIT us: http://www.digiday.com LIKE us on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/digiday FOLLOW us on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Digiday FOLLOW our INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/digiday/