Google: Data Show Users Hate App-Promotion Interstitials

by Greg Sterling
Very often smartphone users click on a link to a mobile web page and are confronted by a interstitial promotion asking them to download the publisher’s app. Users generally hate these takeovers and they do almost nothing for the brand or publisher — except alienate users. Google has determined empirically that interstitials don’t work and that the same call to action is more ...Read the full article

Google I/O 2014 - Design principles for a better mobile web

Speaker(s): Jennifer Gove Description: Many websites still provide a poor experience on mobile, and so we wanted to develop an in-depth understanding of what differentiates a great and an inferior mobile experience. Our work has resulted in the development of a set of user experience principles for mobile website design. The principles illustrate how to create experiences that support conversion on mobile, whether that be for a purchase, a quote or a lead. The principles have been developed out of a study that Google User Experience Research conducted in partnership with AnswerLab - a user research consultancy. We studied 100 sites with diversity across size and vertical, and held 119 in-person, one-hour usability sessions with Android and iOS smartphone users. We instructed participants to perform key conversion-focused tasks, such as purchasing an item, booking a reservation, or researching plans or prices. This presentation will illustrate key principles for designing a better mobile web. Watch all Google I/O 2014 videos at: