Will This Movement End Long Wait Times And Customer Service Nightmares?

by Michael Brenner
Have you ever experiences a customer service nightmare? You are having problems making a call, watching TV, booking a trip or getting online. You call your service provider only to face the maddening number of slow-paced options “press 1 for sales. press 2 for billing. press 3 for…” and on it goes until maybe, finally, you get the option to talk to a real person.Read the full article

The Future Will Hold No More

Join the movement! Http://www.holdnomore.org post your #Holdnomore face to Instagram Facebook & Twitter ABOUT THE MOVEMENT “Hold No More” has a very simple mission – to demand that companies offer an alternative to waiting on hold to get help. In other parts of the world, this is already happening — governments are backing up a citizens’ right to “hold no more” and are fining brands for putting their valuable consumers on hold for more than a certain amount of time. It’s time we demand the same in America! Think of all the money we spend on our phone, cable companies or airlines...the list goes on. Some estimate that it costs Americans 108 billion dollars a year in productivity by wasting time on hold. We have a right to a certain standard of service, one that doesn’t require listening to 18 minutes of soft jazz. Most successful policy campaigns have a fighting chance when backed by a critical mass of consumer voices. So we need your help to make it happen. The end goal – a world where we don’t have to waste our time on hold, and get a direct connection with a live person.