How The Hill Drove 79% More Twitter Engagement than Its Top Competitor

by Lucy Hitz
If your brand can generate 79% more in social engagement than your closest competitor with half as many followers, you know you’re doing something right. In one week (July 14-21), in the midst of national happenings like Donald Trump’s attention-grabbing sound bites and the confederate flag debate, policy and political news source The Hill outpaced its closest competitor, Po ...Read the full article

How to Drive 79% More Engagement Than Your Competitors… With Half As Many Followers, ft. @TheHill

With an increased demand for news, media brands are strapped to churn out better and better results with less resources. So how does a brand like The Hill average more engagement than a competitor like Politico, who has more than twice as many followers? We're taking a deep dive into what they're doing on Twitter!