Petco’s YouTube strategy is more than cute animal videos

For Petco’s new YouTube series, “Pet Code,” the pet store recruited a well-known duo: professional vlogger Toby Turner (who goes by Tobuscus on YouTube) and his popular dog Gryphon. Turner and his dog’s back-and-forth — the dog has a vaguely Scottish voice dubbed over him — about how to become a better pet owner is entertaining, even if you don’t own a pet.Read the full article

Pet Code with Tobuscus and Gryphon (Petco)

Introducing Pet Code with Tobuscus and Gryphon! This is the first episode of Petco's new series featuring Toby Turner and Gryphon. In this episode, Toby and Gryphon unbox summer toys, share their favorite tips and debate lifelong dreams. Pet Code tips shared in this video include that you should always work to keep your pet entertained when you are away and choose visually and mentally captivating toys to keep your dog entertained. What was your favorite moment of the video? Let us know in the comments below! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE PETCO VIDEOS: Shop for Leaps & Bounds dog toys here: Petco on YouTube: Petco on Facebook: Petco on Twitter: Petco on Instagram: Petco Official Website: