A brief timeline of Google+’s slow demise

The end could very well be neigh for Google’s “Facebook killer.” Google+ is once again shuttering a major part of itself. Google announced Monday that people will no longer need a Google+ account to use its services, like signing into YouTube. Moving forward, people can use their Gmail address to use Google services like Photos and log-in to YouTube to create channels and writ ...Read the full article

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  • The Mounting Minuses at Google+

    wsj.com - 15 readers - Google has registered 90 million users for its new social network, but it is a virtual ghost town compared with rival Facebook. Users are spending on average just minutes at Google+ each month even as they log hours on Facebook.

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  • Google+ Is Being Broken Into 'Photos' and 'Streams'

    gizmodo.com - 6 readers, 457 Tweets - Google is splitting Google+ up. In a post on Google+ today, Bradley Horowitz, an existing Google VP of product, announced that he'd taken over responsibilities for the service, which will now be split into new services called Photos and Streams.