Why the Contractor-Employee Conundrum Isn’t a Fatal Liability for the On-Demand Economy

Convenience, and value are how customers visualize Uber and many other Uber-like platforms that have come up in different verticals. These platforms have led to a prosperous gig economy taking roots in Silicon Valley and giving workers many avenues for supplemental income. Potential for disruption for these platforms is associated with the fact that they make the interface bet ...Read the full article

  • Uber Driver Is An Employee, Not Contractor, Rules California Labor Commission

    forbes.com - 12 readers, 243 Tweets - An Uber driver in California is an employee of the ride-hailing service, not a contractor, the California Labor Commissioner ruled -- a decision that has symbolic significance for current legal battles but is limited in scope, attorneys say. Because Uber is "involved in every aspect of the operations," this driver did not have enough [...]

  • Cleaning Company Homejoy Shuts Down

    time.com - 10 readers, 169 Tweets - After a lawsuit over its use of independent contractors

  • Do You Want A 1099 Or A W-2?

    forbes.com - 13 readers, 328 Tweets - (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Asked another way, “independent contractor or employee?” It seems like such a simple question. As we approach year-end, companies and workers everywhere may not think about it but they should. If you’re an employee, taxes have to be taken out. That means you’ll receive an IRS Form W-2 in January. In contrast, [...]