Easily update and validate ads with new enhancements to Merchant Center data feeds

by Rob Newton
Your data feed is key to promoting your products on Google.com — it lets you capture the attention of shoppers by letting them know you’ve got exactly what they’re looking for. To help you seamlessly update ads and quickly get products in front of new customers, today we’re excited to announce two data feed enhancements to Google Merchant Center — one that improves efficiencies ...Read the full article

Guide to Google Shopping: Upload your products with a data feed (small inventory)

Your data feed is the key to promoting your products online. It contains all the information about what you’re selling, like a product’s brand, price, and availability. Have a smaller inventory you can enter manually? Watch the video to learn how to create and upload your data feed using Google Spreadsheets, and show shoppers what you’ve got. If you’ve got a larger inventory, check out the video here: [link] Learn more: google.com/startwithshopping