Will the Publishers of the Future Even Have Websites?

On Monday morning, New York Magazine published a powerful story featuring 35 women who allege they were assaulted by Bill Cosby. A few hours later, their site went down. Whether the outage was the result of a massive influx of traffic to that story or a separate hacking incident isn’t quite clear.Read the full article

  • If This Is the Future of Journalism, Maybe It Isn't So Bad

    slate.com - 8 readers, 148 Tweets - Wednesday, May 13, 2015: That’s the day journalism sold its soul, according to some of the more hysterical corners of the media echo chamber. What actually happened is that Facebook launched a feature called Instant Articles. The feature allows Facebook users to read full interactive stories from the New York...

  • What happens when platforms turn into publishers?

    cjr.org - 4 readers, 295 Tweets - If you're a publisher, Facebook holds a lot of power. The social media giant is already responsible for directing up to 40 percent of some sites' traffic, and 75 percent of BuzzFeed's. Now, according to a report in...

  • Some Publishers All In On Social While Others Are Wary

    blogs.wsj.com - 10 readers, 260 Tweets - Should publishers give up on trying to use social media to drive traffic back to their websites – since it often doesn’t work that well anyway – and just give themselves over to crafting custom bits of content that aren’t meant to travel beyond each social network?That’s one of the big debates percolating in the media industry lately.