Panda 4.2: What Is Google Panda? Are You Safe? (Part 1) Jim & Ann Show

by Jim Boykin
We are very familiar with Panda updates because we’ve seen plenty of them and Internet Marketing Ninjas have been helping clients hit by Panda for ages. Note: take our 2-second survey to download a free copy of Ninjas’ Panda Whitepaper! Panda 4.2 Unlike all the previous Panda Updates, this one came unnoticed: Website owners are having a bad time seeing any impact even after th ...Read the full article

Google Panda 4.2: What You Need to Know Jim & Ann Show (Part 1)

Google Panda update has been announced on the 18th of July. Unlike all the previous updates, this one came pretty unnoticed. Google has been talking about those "rolling" updates for a while: This one is confirmed to be rolling out over the course of a few months - which means that if you were affected by this update you are probably not going to see it overnight. Instead, there will be a slow decline which you'll be able to spot only in a few months - which makes it harder to diagnose what happened: Panda update? Penguin update? Above the fold update? Mobile update?