How to Write High-Converting Copy Without the Hype

These tips WILL skyrocket your conversions! Marketing firms HATE him. Copywriter reveals simple conversion tactic that never fails! Five secrets to becoming a superhero copywriter… you WON’T BELIEVE number four! I’m so fed up of the awful, hypey, clickbait headlines that are all over the internet.Read the full article

If Carlsberg did Supermarkets… (Extended version)

In a world full of dull mini-marts, mega malls and corner shops. Someone had to make the supermarket even more super. That man, was Carlsberg. Probably. We’re always looking for ways we can imagine a better world, most importantly how to make better beer. The beer you enjoy with your mates when you have the time of your life. If you’re up for it, you can always follow us on the social webs for more fun.