Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: July 31, 2015

by Barry Schwartz

Google Panda 4.2, Advice On Algorithms, Bing Emoji & AdWords Changes - This week in search, I run really through a ton of search news. I start with Google’s attempted answer on why Panda 4.2 is rolling out so slowly. I then explain it is a global Panda roll out and I share stats on my site’s recovery. Google said they won’t give advice on algorithmic issues. Google issued out mass warning notification emails to those who block CSS and JavaScript. I share tips on opening up those CSS and JavaScript assets. Google won’t be indexing content in tabs that dynamically load. Google does check to make sure your mobile and desktop site aren’t vastly different. Google increased their server capacity to store more index rates. Bing’s organic search traffic drop is related to Bing not sharing the organic search source drop. Google AdWords updated their quality scores. I have screen shots of the new home service ads in Google. Google Play now has AdWords ads. Google launched the dynamic search ads globally. Google Maps shows when a store or business is at its busiest time. Google is testing hotel price drop cards in Google Now. Google is cutting off access to their auto complete API. Bing is testing an Emoji virtual keyboard. Google said there was a 180% increase in hacked sites in this past year. And Google is killing off the requirement to have a Google+ account to use their services. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. Google: The Slow Panda Roll Out Is Not Designed To Confuse Webmasters: Google: The Panda 4.2 Refresh Is Rolling Out Globally : Data On My Google Panda 4.2 Recovery : Google: We Don't Give Advice On Algorithmic Penalties : New Google Warning: Googlebot Cannot Access CSS & JS : How To Quickly Unblock Google From CSS & JavaScript, What Google Looks At & Number Notified : Google: We Won't Index Dynamic Content Behind Tabs : Google: We Check To See If Your Mobile & Desktop Site Are Vastly Different : Google Increases Their Index Capacity; GoogleBot Indexing More URLs : Bing: Organic Search Traffic Drop In Analytics Was Due To The HTTPS Roll Out : Google AdWords Changes Quality Scores For Keywords : Photos: New Google Home Services In Search Results : Google Play AdWords Search Ads : Google AdWords Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) Available Worldwide : Google Maps Now With Store & Business Popular Times By Day & Hour : Hotel Price Drop Alerts In Google Now : Google To Turn Off Autocomplete API: Not Great For Many SEM Tools. : Bing Tests Emoji Keyboard : Google: 180% Increase In Hacked Sites In The Past Year : Google+ Not Required - Finally :

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