#DisarmTheiPhone: Anti-gun group tells Apple to delete the gun emoji

The gun emoji might not be loaded with bullets, but it’s filled with symbolism. New Yorkers Against Gun Violence (NYAGV) is calling on Apple to delete the gun emoji from users’ keyboards in an attempt to raise awareness about gun violence with the hashtag #DisarmTheiPhone. The nonprofit group, whose mission is spelled out in its name, is chastising Apple for including progressive emoji (i.e.Read the full article


www.DisarmTheiPhone.com http://twitter.com/DisarmTheiPhone 40% of gun sales in America are made without a background check. Which can put them in the hands of criminals, children, nearly anyone. And despite both parties agreeing on stricter gun accessibility, and the 33,000 deaths a year caused by guns, no legislative action has been made. Created by the BBH Barn, #DisarmTheiPhone is a Twitter initiative aiming to convince Tim Cook (Apple’s CEO) to remove the gun emoji. By doing so, the American people will stand together and show Congress that we want stricter access to real guns. Disarm The iPhone