The Best Apps for Your Local Life!

by Carolyn Nicander Mohr
As you go through your day, you may use apps for email, Facebook, text messages, photos, games and more. But what apps do you use in your daily life to save you time and money? You may not think to use apps for your daily life but you may be missing out on discounts and rewards even though you’re one of the store’s best customers.Read the full article

Waze GPS, Traffic Navigation and Maps Guided Tour - Mobile | Waze

DOWNLOAD WAZE: SUBSCRIBE: Waze is a free GPS, Mapping, Traffic and Gas app that can save you time money on the road. Waze uses real-time information from drivers near by to help improve your commute. This Guided Tour video explains how the app works. Available on iPhone and Android smartphones. Our Channel: Facebook: Twitter: Waze Guided Tour Traffic Maps Navigation apps iphone Android Free Gas Wazeapp "Waze app" "Free GPS" "GPS app" "Free GPS app" Crowdsourcing Commute "Google Maps Alternative" "Free GPS Android" "Free GPS iPhone" "How does Waze work"