Acquire 300-400 Good-Quality Links: From Our “Weird Leads” Series @ Jim & Ann Show

by Jim Boykin
From time to time, at Internet Marketing Ninjas we receive what we call “weird leads”, those that are hard to reply to in a serious way. In the sort series of videos we’ll be addressing those weird leads. Here’s the first one: The Lead: Hi, my name is XXXX XXXXX, I’m currently looking for a reputable service that can help us to increase our link structure.Read the full article

Link Building Question: From IMN "Weird Leads" Series @ Jim & Ann Show

The CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas Jim Boykin is answering some of the emails we receive. This one says "We own several sites and our main goal right now is to acquire between 300-400 links in the next couple of months. " Is it a good idea?