Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: August 7, 2015

by Barry Schwartz

Google Search Analytics API, 3 Local Pack, AdWords App & Bing Fake Pharmacy Warning - This week in the video search recap, I mention the monthly recap I posted this week. I talk about a possible test algorithm Google deployed for spammy results. Google released there Google Search Console, Search Analytics API. Google is now showing 3 local results, a 3 pack, as opposed to 7 local results. Bing has a new warning for fake pharmacy web sites in their results. Google has a new rich snippet for movie critics. Google tells you not to no index your web site when you go on vacation and that 404ing pages doesn’t lead to a Google penalty. Google is trying out removing Google+ links in the local results. Google Map Maker is an awesome way to find duplicate local listings. Google AdWords has a slick new reporting maker. Google AdWords now lets you restructure your product groups on bulk upload. Google AdWords released an update to the AdWords app that adds billing features. Finally, Google Analytics replaced the AdSense report section with the Publisher report section. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. August 2015 Google Webmaster Report : Did Google Push Out A Spam Algorithm Update This Weekend? : New: Google Search Console Search Analytics API : New API Backed Script Lets You Download Your Google Search Analytics Data : Google Now Only Showing 3 Local Results Instead Of 7 : Bing To Warn Searchers Of Fake Pharmacy Web Sites Via FDA : Google Schema Now Supports Movie Critic Reviews In Knowledge Graph : Doh! Do Not Noindex Your Site When You Go On Vacation Says Google : Google: The Idea That 404s Lead To Google Penalties Is Utterly Wrong : Google Trying Local Pack Without Google+ Links : Google Map Maker; Now Easier To Find Duplicate Listings : New: Google AdWords Report Editor Is Wow : Google AdWords Bulk Upload Allows For Restructuring Product Groups : Google Updates The AdWords Android App With Billing & More Reporting : New Google Analytics Reports For AdSense & Ad Exchange :

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