Is YouTube Becoming the World's Most Important Resource for Modern History?

by Greg Jarboe
Video marketers already know that U.S. news and education are two of the larger categories of content on YouTube. But, what about history? Could old news footage and historic movie newsreels create a new category on YouTube that’s worth watching closely? Well, Baby Boomers have seen this movie before.Read the full article

Hindenburg Disaster Real Footage (1937)

Footage of the Nazi airship catching fire, crashing and burning to the ground: This original footage from the British Pathe archive shows impressive shots of the Hindenburg flying overheaon on Thursday, May 6, 1937, flying over its landing ground at Lakehurst, New Jersey, and then finally there is footage of the famous crash. 13 out of 36 passengers died, whilst 22 out of 61 crew members died, so many survived the disaster. Watch here the clip "Death Jump - Franz Reichelt jumps off the Eiffel Tower": Check out our playlist: Subscribe to British Pathe: Follow us on Twitter: Join us on Facebook: From:

The Titanic Disaster 1912 - genuine footage at Belfast Lough

THE TITANIC DISASTER - NO SOUND The SS Titanic about to leave Belfast Lough for Southampton 2nd April, 1912. Captain Smith on the bridge of the Olympic. General scenes in the area in which the Titanic sank - icebergs and icefloes near the scene. The yacht "Mary Scully" going out to meet the "Carpathia" at sea. The Carpathia nearing New York with survivors. Shots of ship and Captain Rostrum. Some of the crew of the Titanic - Quarter Master Hitchins - who went down with the ship but was later picked up. Father Hogue, a passenger of the Carpathia who first sighted the Titanic lifeboats. Various shots of crews being interviewed by reporters. Crowds of people outside the "White Star" offcies in New York awaiting news. Scenes at the dock the morning after the Carpathia's arrival. Shot of Marconi who marvellous discovery [radio] helped to save over 700 lives. "Mackay Bennett" leaving Halifax to take part in the search. Note: the footage of the Titanic in Belfast Lough is the only known surviving footage of the Titanic. You can license this story through AP Archive: Find out more about AP Archive:

Martin Luther King Delivers His "I have a dream" speech (1963)

Martin Luther King Delivers His "I have a dream" speech (1963). A Day that Shook the World. A defining moment in the American civil rights movement, Martin Luther King delivers a speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington on 28 August 1963. A Day That Shook The World is the classic series that recalls the days of the 20th century that proved to be era-defining and pivotal in the course of modern history. 90,000 historic films, all SEARCHABLE on Youtube at: Check out our "A Day That Shook the World" playlist: Follow us on Twitter: Join us on Facebook: