Domain Authority (DA)? Toxic Links? Don’t Trust the Numbers! #JimAndAnn

by Jim Boykin
Google PageRank bar has been worthless for years and there are a few other companies that are indexing the web to give us the valuable information on backlinks (thank you so much!). They are also trying to come up with their own scores of each link they index. The biggest players are Moz, Majestic and aHrefs We love the tools and applaud them all for trying to come up with t ...Read the full article

DA (Domain Authority) Means Nothing! Jim & Ann Show #JimAndAnn

Google stopped updating their Toolbar PageRank a few years ago, so the data the toolbar provides is useless. A few companies crawling the web have stepped up in an effort to provide an alternative metric. While their effort is highly appreciated and we love the data they provide, none of the scores they calculate can be trusted because the machine just can't understand the quality and authenticity of the resource. The CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas Jim Boykin and the Brand and Community Manager Ann Smarty are talking about scores, links and quality in this episode of #JimAndAnn show