Maximizing Engagement on Google Plus

by Eric Enge
To share this video, click the three-dots icon at upper right on the video preview image. On July 27th, Google made another major move related to Google Plus. In the coming months you will no longer be required to have a Google+ account to use Google’s other services, such as YouTube. Their reasoning is covered in detail in a post by Google VP of Social, Photos & Streams, ...Read the full article

Why do Some People Get More Engagement on Google Plus? - Here's Why with Mark & Eric

As we look forward to a new era on Google+, we can now focus on what we need to do to maximize what we get out of it as a social network, and on what we need to do to maximize our engagement there. In order to measure engagement on Google+, we took a look at 33,282 posts on Google+, and sliced and diced them based on the nature of their content. This video summarizes what we found. For complete study results, go to