Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: August 14, 2015

by Barry Schwartz

Google Alphabet Links, Interstitial Penalty & Google User Actions Ranking - This week, I do the search video recap from up north in Israel - sorry for the quality and lack of a display behind me. Google announced a restructuring where Google is now part of a new larger company named Alphabet, Inc. But the Alphabet web site has hidden links, as a joke. Google said they would like to make interstitial a negative ranking factor. Google said they do not use user actions as a ranking factor. Google said soft 404s are the same as 404s as it can be used to discount negative links pointing to the page. Google said you can use pipes in the titles but what about the URLs. Google wants to know how SEOs detect duplicate content issues. Google’s new 3-pack local results have a new eye tracking study. Google Map Maker launched this week in six countries. Moz released their big search rankings factor study. Google Shopping has three new automated bidding solutions. And since I am in Israel, I decided to close out speaker pitches for SMX Israel. That was this week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. Google Now Part Of Alphabet, Inc. - No Joke : Will Google Ban Their Parent Company's Web Site? Alphabet : Google: I'd Love To Make Interstitials A Negative SEO Ranking Factor : Google: User Actions On Your Web Site Are Not A Ranking Factor : Google: Even Links To Soft 404 Pages Are Not Counted : Google: 404s Don't Impact The Google Panda Algorithm : Google: Will Pipes In URLs Work? : Google: You Can Use Pipes In Title Tags : Google To SEOs: How Do You Detect Duplicate Content Issues? : New: Google Local 3 Pack Eye & Click Study : Google Map Maker Has Officially Reopened In Six Countries : The 2015 Moz Search Engine Ranking Study Shows Links Still Super Important : Google Shopping Automated Bidding: Max Clicks, Enhanced CPC & Target ROAS : Last Call For Speaker Pitches For SMX Israel :

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