Hornitos Takes Virgin Agave Skydiving In #NotJustAnyAgaves Social Campaign

by Steve Hall
Touting the importance of using 100 percent virgin, yet experienced, agaves to makes its tequila, Hornitos has launched #NotJustAnyAgaves, a social media-based campaign which encourages people to follow the adventures of its agave character across social media during the summer. Working with The Community, the brand created two launch videos which introduce us to the Hornitos agave.Read the full article

Not Just Any Agaves

To make Not Just Any Tequila, you need #‎NotJustAnyAgaves. So we’re taking our agaves on the road this summer to teach them what it takes to become Hornitos® Tequila.

Sky Diving

If it’s scary, it’s probably worth doing. A lesson our agaves learn at 13,000 feet up. Watch as we show what it takes to become Hornitos® Tequila.