25 Social Media Campaign Ideas From the Big Brands You Want to Be

Before you can turn followers into customers, you have to turn strangers into friends and today, it seems like friendship exists more online than in person -- especially thanks to social media. The social media landscape is more competitive than ever and brands are constantly on the lookout for ideas to help them stand out.Read the full article

Unbelievable Bus Shelter | Pepsi Max. Unbelievable #LiveForNow

Pepsi Max brings you the Unbelievable. Unbelievable feats and experiences created for you by Pepsi Max Pepsi Max surprise commuters with an 'unbelievable' augmented reality experience at a bus shelter on New Oxford Street in London. Watch their reactions as unbelievable scenarios unfold before their very eyes; from a giant robot crashing through the street to a passer by being abducted by flying saucers. To witness more unbelievable feats, subscribe to the Pepsi Max channel www.youtube.com/pepsimax Follow us on Twitter @PepsiMaxUK http://twitter.com/PepsiMaxUK Pepsi Max. Maximum taste. No sugar.

Ice Bucket Challenge: Thank You from The ALS Association

Introducing Samuel Adams HeliYUM

While devoting ourselves to the 'Noble' pursuit of perfecting the flavor of Noble Hops we've been exploring Noble Gasses as well. Lightened from heavier gases like CO2, HeliYum takes advantages of the properties of helium -- one of the noble gases -- for a truly remarkable brew. Helium's unique index of refraction creates brilliant clarity while providing an incredibly light mouth feel. Since Helium is an odorless gas, it doesn't compete with the natural aromas of the ingredients. From a freshness perspective, helium doesn't oxidize which allows for a much longer shelf life. Learn more on our website: http://bit.ly/HeliYUMInfo

DORITOS® Crash The Super Bowl 2014

Let the ad-making awesomeness begin. Make an ad and your boldness could earn you $1 Million and the opportunity to team up with Marvel on the set of Marvel's The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Submissions open on October 8, 2013 12:00:00 PM Central Time in the United States Visit http://www.doritos.com for details