Email Marketing 101: How to determine the right email content for your subscribers

As a consumer, nothing makes my day like reading or shopping for anything related to arts and crafts (it’s my thing). However, one annoyance we all seem to run into is being sent an email to sell you on a product that you would never want nor need. How can you avoid being that pain in a customer’s inbox? The answer is in targeting your content.Read the full article

The Best Email Content for Your Subscribers

In this interview from MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2015, Courtney Eckerle, Reporter, MarketingSherpa, discussed with Jessica Best, Digital Marketing Evangelist, emfluence, how a marketer should determine what content goes into emails and how best to stand out in an overcrowded email box. To gain access to 15 full session replays from MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2015, go to