Millions of Ashley Madison Accounts Are on the Web Forever #JimAndAnn

by Jim Boykin
The news broke a couple of days ago that Ashley Madison, the social media site for cheating, had been hacked and that its who database of users was released to the web. Jim Boykin and Ann Smarty are discussing of possible consequences of the hack, its impact on Internet marketing and online privacy. Ashley Madison hack is likely to be the biggest news of this year.Read the full article

AshleyMadison Hacked Accounts: What It Means for the Internet

Hackers who stole private customer information from the cheating site released the whole database to the public on Tuesday. The CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas Jim Boykin and the Brand and Community Manager Ann Smarty are discussing what that means for the digital world, what the outcome might be and why it's a good reminder to think about your online privacy again

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