Online Marketing News: Less Are LOLing, Move Over Non-Mobile-Friendly, LinkedIn Gets Lookedup

by Ben Brausen
Engage Your Instagram Following with the Right Content [Infographic] – If you focus on one social channel in 2015 it better be Instagram. With over 300 million active users and 3x more engagement than Twitter, it offers the richest opportunity for exposure and conversation around your brand. Learn how you can engage your Instagram audience from this great infographic.Read the full article

  • A Facebook study proves 'lol' is dying out online - 11 readers, 14 Tweets - There's no shortage of ways to laugh online, and for the internet literate, each option can convey something slightly different. You certainly don't want to be caught with a "hehehe" when "lolol" would be more appropriate. In April, The New Yorker explored this cultural phenomenon anecdotally, which prompted Facebook to take a harder look at the...