Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: August 21, 2015

by Barry Schwartz

Google HTTPS Warning, Ripoff Report Mystery & Bing On Tap - This week in search I cover how Google talks more about their penalty server, diagnosis tools. Google tells SEOs that it is wrong to tell their clients not to switch to HTTPS and they should feel bad if they do. Google said switching to HTTPS should not result in over a week or two of traffic drops. Google says they really never index all web pages. Why did Ripoff Report drop out of the Google index and fully return within 30 minutes? Google said lazy loaded content on mobile is not search engine friendly. Google has a new bug with their sitemaps reports. Google will discontinue the python download script. Google has been testing tweets in the desktop results for about a month. Google has a new smartphone user agent for iPhone. Google Sitelinks on mobile now expand and collapse. Google’s new mobile interface hides organic results. Google Image search on mobile has big filter buttons. Bing launched Bing Snapshots on Tap, beats Google Now On Tap. Google AdWords launched automated extensions for PLAs. Google Answers said they are wrong, no kidding. Google’s navigation links go from red to blue. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. Google: We Have Algorithmic Diagnosis Tools So We Are Not In A Black Box : Google: It's Wrong & Bad To Tell Your Clients Not To Go HTTPS : Google: You Shouldn't See Negative Impact After Going To HTTPS : Google: We Never Index All Your Pages : The Mysterious Disappearing Act Of Ripoff Report In Google, Again : Google: We Can't See All Lazy Loaded Content On Mobile : Google Search Console Bug With Sitemap Index Count Report : Google Webmaster Tools Python Script To Be Discontinued : Tweets In Google's Desktop Results As Of Last Month : New: GoogleBot For Smartphones (iPhone) User-Agent : New Google Mobile Sitelinks That Expand & Collapse : New Google Mobile Interface Makes It Hard To Find Organic Results : Google Image Search For Mobile Adds Quick Filter Buttons : Bing Snapshots On Tap Available For Android : Google AdWords Automated Extension For Shopping Ads (PLAs) Live : Google Answers Says It Is Wrong; Not Kidding : It's Official: Google Navigation Links Are Blue, No Longer Red :

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