How to Promote a Blog Post on Social Media #JimAndAnn Show

by Jim Boykin
Once you publish an article, your job is not done! You need to invest at least 30-40 minutes in the basic social media sharing tasks which we’ll discuss today! Do your homework: Share your blog post like a PRO Ann is sharing her social media marketing technique: Immediately after you publish a blog post, share it on social media.Read the full article

How to effectively promote each blog post #JimAndAnn Show

The Brand and Community Manager of Internet Marketing Ninjas Ann Smarty and the CEO Jim Boykin are sharing her social media marketing routine: The checklist to implement immediately after you publish a blog post Writing and publishing a blog post is just the first step. You need to have a marketing routine to get your blog post shared and discovered! This video lists free or freemium tools that will help you share and schedule shares of your blog posts. There are also some tips on how to optimize those shares for maximum visibility, increase exposure via influencer marketing, thoughts on blogger outreach done right. Listed tools: Viral Content Buzz Tweetdeck Hootsuite MavSocial MyBlogU and more!