The Bezos Effect: Why The Washington Post Wants to Be the Uber of Freelancing

by Dillon Baker
This article originally appeared on our sister site, The Freelancer. For all the technological progress that has been made in the past couple decades, it often seems like freelancing for media companies is stuck in the ’90s. When I wrote a story for BuzzFeed, which, admittedly, doesn’t work with freelancers very often, edits were done over Google Docs, contracts were passed b ...Read the full article

Introducing the Washington Post Talent Network

The sharing economy and the news: How much new journalism talent could we unlock if we made it easier for freelancers to work with newsrooms? 2015 JSK Journalism Fellow Anne Kornblut and a team of colleagues at The Washington Post have developed software to help editors and freelancers connect. Producer: Rebekah Fergusson Director of Photography: Max Cantor Editor: Vanessa Perez Audio: Ray Day Motion Graphics: Brandon Sugiyama