8 Ways to Use Google+ Hangouts for Your Business

by Kristi Hines
Do you use Google+ Hangouts? Interested in ways to use them for your business? Google+ Hangouts are a great way to hold group meetings, interact with customers, interview people and share your expertise. In this article you’ll discover eight ways to use Google+ Hangouts for your business. Discover eight ways to use Google+ Hangouts for your business.Read the full article

Hangout on Air - Hangouts: Beyond the Conference Call

Over 65% of communication is non-verbal*. Google+ Hangouts bring meetings to life in ways that traditional conference calls do not. Rich interactions, especially non-verbal ones, build trust, accelerate collaboration and increase productivity. Watch this Hangout on Air featuring Joe AbiDaoud, Chief Information Officer of Hudbay Minerals and how his company uses Hangouts. *Pease, Allan (October 21, 2004). The Definitive guide to Body Language. Chapter 1: Orion Media. ISBN 0752861182. Please give us feedback: http://goo.gl/domN8s

BlendKit2015 Session 02: Blended Interactions

Week02 Poll: http://bit.ly/blendkit2015_poll2 Week02 Feedback Form: http://bit.ly/19636fd Week02 PPT: https://blended.online.ucf.edu/files/2011/06/BK15W02pdf.pdf During facilitated open online course cohorts such as BlendKit2015, participants gather weekly in an interactive webinar setting (Google Hangouts on Air) to touch base and to interact with guest presenters as a culmination of the preceding week’s topics. Week 2 Topics can be viewed here: https://blended.online.ucf.edu/blendkit-course-blendkit-reader-chapter-2/

First-Time Home Buyer Q&A | Quicken Loans Google Hangout

Quicken Loans hosted a first-time home buyer Q&A Google Hangout with the Department of Veteran Affairs, In-House Realty, Title Source Appraisals, Quizzle, and the National Association of REALTORS. The panel discussed for the most popular questions first-time home buyers ask for more than one hour. Anyone with questions can email us at homebuyer@quickenloans.com or on Twitter using #QL

MKBHD Hangout with Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside!

Interview/Conversation with Dennis Woodside, CEO of Motorola. We talk Project Ara, Smartwatches, Moto X & more tech! More on Project Ara: www.dscout.com/ara Video Gear I use: http://amzn.com/lm/R3B571T7PT4PWM Intro Track: ASDF Movie Song Outro Track: "Channel 41" by Deadmau5 ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://facebook.com/MarquesBrownlee http://facebook.com/MKBHD http://instagram.com/MKBHD

Hangout On Air: Google Sales Resume & Interview prep

Members of Google's Sales Staffing team discuss how to best present your resume and prepare for interviews. To browse and apply for Google Sales roles, please visit our job site: http://goo.gl/0xlG7 If you're interested in meeting Googlers for the next Hangout On Air, please follow Life at Google on Google+: http://goo.gl/MqeOi

Live Google Hangout Fan Q&A with Legendary Quarterback Joe Montana!

Joe teamed up with Joint Juice to create a fun, new mobile game app called Throw With Joe, where YOU are the star quarterback. (All download proceeds benefit the +Arthritis Foundation) To celebrate its launch, the football star and Chief Mission Officer of the Arthritis Foundation Jennifer Griffiths sat down with us for a fun Google Hangout Q&A, where fans submitted their questions on Twitter using the #AskJoe hashtag, for the pair to answer live. Want to win a chance to meet Joe Montana? Get the Throw WIth Joe app and you could win a trip to San Francisco to meet Joe in person. Ten other lucky fans will win an awesome Joint Juice prize pack containing a jersey and football signed by Joe! Visit www.throwwithjoe.com to download the app and learn more.

January Google User Group Meeting

Click "Show More" below to see all agenda items with links to those spots in the video. 0:00:00 - WELCOME 0:01:25 - AGENDA 0:04:35 - IMPORTANT LINKS 0:08:25 - UPDATES 0:09:15 - UPCOMING EVENTS 0:09:15 - 1) February Google Webinars Guerrilla Web Searching (part 2) Jan 27 - http://tiny.cc/sparcc205 Google Slides for Interactive Stories, Quizzes, and Games - Feb 5 - http://tiny.cc/sparcc207 Spreadsheets 101 - Feb 19 - http://tiny.cc/sparcc206 Google Tools for Special Needs - Feb 24 - http://tiny.cc/sparcc209 0:11:30 - 2) Upcoming conferences 0:12:15 - GEG-Ohio meet-up at OETCx 0:16:06 - WHAT'S NEW IN GOOGLE APPS 0:18:50 - 1) Chromebooks to get always-listening "OK Google" voice activation 0:20:25 - 2) Google search adds word origin, synonym, and antonym search card 0:23:45 - 3) Google shows off first real build of self-driving cars 0:26:48 - 4) 15-inch rugged Acer Chromebook announced at CES 0:28:05 - 5) Change All-Day Event Notifications in Google Calendar 0:29:35 - 6) Google Cast for Audio 0:31:30 - 7) Gmail labels in Google Vault email search results 0:32:05 - 8) Google’s mobile Translate app gets updates for spoken words and pictures 0:46:25 - 9) Google releases Chrome Remote Desktop app for iOS 0:52:57 - 10) Google Sheets update lets you add images to header cells 0:53:15 - 11) Docs, Sheets, and Slides added to the App Launcher 0:53:54 - 12) Chrome Rolls Out Updated Account Switcher 0:58:30 - 13) Google Play Store tops iOS App Store in total apps and developers 0:59:40 - 14) Classroom updates: mobile app, teacher assignment page, and archived classes 1:03:44 - 15) Updated mobile apps for Docs, Sheets and Slides 1:03:50 - 16) Protected sheets and ranges improvements in Google Sheets 1:06:50 - SHOW AND TELL 1:07:05 - 1) #GAFEchat - New Twitter chat focusing on Google Apps for Education 1:38:32 - 2) Chromebook trick: resize two windows at once for the best full screen viewing 1:42:10 - 3) Google Books Ngram viewer 1:48:10 - WRAP-UP For more details see: Meeting agenda with all links: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RZWuTFY3RkylMIBRGeruCvGU845WgYxA82_xV-MCe_M/edit?usp=sharing SPARCC User Group page: http://google.apps.sparcc.org/usergroup SPARCC User Group community site: http://tiny.cc/sparcc-google-group SPARCC Google Resource site: http://google.apps.sparcc.org SPARCC Technology Integration site: http://www.sparcc.org/ti Ohio Google Educator Group (GEG): http://tiny.cc/geg-ohio

European Crane Fly - Biology and Management with Dr. Daniel Peck sponsored by Syngenta

Dr. Daniel Peck from Grass Systems Entomology discusses European Crane Fly biology and management for turf managers in the Northeast. This #turfchat is a supplement to the workshops sponsored by Syngenta on November 7-8th and 20-21st.