Beautiful New Designs for Full-Screen In-App Ads

by Rob Newton
Nearly 60% of smartphone users expect their favorite apps to look visually appealing. We’ve always believed that in-app ads can enhance an app’s overall experience by being well designed. So today we’re announcing a completely new look for our interstitial in-app ad formats - also known as full-screen ads - that run on apps in the AdMob network and DoubleClick Ad Exchange.Read the full article

Google I/O 2015 - Smarter monetization with AdMob and Analytics

Speaker(s): Jonathan Alferness Description: Mobile development is growing more and more complex. To make things easier for publishers, we have created a smart mobile ads platform that goes beyond the traditional ad server. Come listen to Jonathan Alferness talk about how AdMob brings the power, scale and innovation to app developers who want to monetize effectively through tools like ad mediation for higher fill rates, new formats like native ads, and Audience builder with Google Analytics for list building and targeting. In this talk, we will also be unveiling some new features that will help make things simpler for developers. Watch all Google I/O 2015 videos at: #io15