How Marketers Can Survive in the War on Mobile Ad Blocking

It’s likely that when you opened a news app sometime this week, you saw a headline screaming how “Ad blocking is going to destroy mobile!” These articles are hard to avoid; they’re ubiquitous. If you’re a brand, or work directly with brands, don’t be alarmed. Mobile may be the main key to your digital strategy, or perhaps its newest proponent.Read the full article

Chevy Colorado Esquire Video In Print Magazine Ad

Chevy Colorado Esquire Video In Print Magazine. This Video insert has battery rechargable via Micro USB całe

Cannes Lions Grand Prix 2014 Mobile Lion Nivea Sun Kids FCB Brazil

Creative Execution: We developed the app NIVEA PROTECTS. An app made for an ad. But different from any app already made for an ad, this app was actually an extension of it. Intuitive and didactic, it monitored the ad's displacement when it was on the child's arm. All that was needed was downloading the app on App Store or Google Play, pair the bracelet, identify the child and choose the distance where they could go. If distance was exceeded, an alert was sent by the app. With radar, it was possible to see if parents were getting nearer or further from children. -The action became a successful video case, with repercussion in 10 press articles and 40 digital ones. -Even with the closed magazine, the ad remained on parents' cell phones and children's arms for a long time. -For the first time, NIVEA SUN KIDS was the segment's sales leader, with a 62% increase in Rio de Janeiro -We were present as an innovative brand in places where its consumers are: the beach, parks and clubs. -8 in every 10 people impacted by the ad downloaded the app. -The bracelet became object of desire, NIVEA receives several requests for it every day. The campaign's main goal was to win new consumers for NIVEA SUN KIDS. The message should reinforce the product's main attribute: protection. At the same time, NIVEA wanted to continue the series of useful ads that started with the SolarAd Charger. First challenge: how to protect children even more? We thought about another concern related to NIVEA SUN KID's current consumption: children who get lost on the beach. That's how we had the idea of making the Protection Ad. An ad that turned into a bracelet for children to wear so that parents could monitor them on their smartphones. For that, we needed an app. Source:

Moto X Ad - WIRED Interactive Print Ad

The Moto X customization experience comes to WIRED magazine in the world's first interactive print ad. Select copies of the January edition of WIRED magazine contain a special surprise - the very first interactive print experience. Yep, you read that right. You can start designing your Moto X right in the magazine. It's an ad that's as unique as you are, for a phone that's truly yours. See more design options at: