Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: August 28, 2015

by Barry Schwartz

Twitter On Google, HTTPS Ranking, Google News Publisher Apps & Hacking - This week in search, Google officially brought Twitter to the desktop search results. Google said content mismatch errors might lead to not getting the HTTPS ranking boost in the future. Google News Publisher center added a way to link up your News App. Google changed the interface for how they show apps in mobile search. Google says they only discover links on pages that return a 200 status code. Google has a bug with their video indexing. Google has another bug with their Status Index report in the Google Search Console. Google Search App had errors opening to other apps. Google News Sitemap bug won’t be fixed anytime soon. Google said they still be end up depressing the AJAX crawling proposal. Google reminded businesses to login to their Google My Business account once a year or else risk being delisted. Google Map Maker expanded to the United States and 45 countries. Google search by image bug is now fixed. Google had two important hangouts, one on app indexing and one on security and hacking. Did you know that 36% of webmasters know they were hacked and 10% failed to fix it. That was this week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. Tweets Come To Google's Desktop Search Results : Google: HTTPS Content Mismatch Errors May Not Get Ranking Boost In Future : Google News Publisher Center Adds Mobile Apps For App Inclusion In Google News : New Look For Apps In Google Mobile Search : Google: We Only Discover Links On Pages With 200 Status Codes : Google Bug With Showing Video Snippets For Pages Without Videos : Google Search Console Index Status Reporting Bug? : Google Search App Error: No App Found To Open URL : Google News Sitemap Index Count Bug Will Take A Long Time To Fix : Google: One Day We Will Deprecate Our AJAX-Crawling Proposal : Google: If We Email You, Login To Your Google My Business Or It May Be Removed : Google Map Maker Expands To 45 Countries & United States : Google Reverse Image Search Now Working Again: Watch The Google App Indexing Hangout : Video: Google Security Hangout On Hacking Prevention Tips : 36% Of Webmasters Told Google Their Web Sites Were Hacked :

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