How The Young Turks plans to crowdsource local news around the world

The Young Turks Network plans to crowdsource its way to providing local news and commentary across the globe. The online news network is launching a program to recruit new hosts and local correspondents around the world. The program, called “TYT Next,” will invite people to submit videos on topics they’re passionate about for the chance to become a paid contributor and — if al ...Read the full article

What Is TYT Next?

TYT Network is launching a groundbreaking new program to find the next great TYT Host to join us as we build TYT into the ultimate localized 24-hour news network worldwide. The program will begin on TYT Sports, TYT's sports channel, and will focus primarily on YOU, the dedicated TYT audience. That's why we want YOU to send us a video talking out a sports related subject you are passionate about. If we like what you send in, we will put it up on TYT Sports. If we put up more than five (5) of your videos, we will start paying you on a per video basis as a regular contributor to the channel. If we put up an additional ten (10) videos, then we might offer you a job at TYT Sports and give you the opportunity to become the next great TYT Host. How do I submit a video? Just film one and upload it to your YouTube channel then send us an unlisted link at The TYT Network has millions of subscribers and billions of views. Do you want to be a part of it? All you have to do is prove you can be the NEXT TYT Host.

Why Does Water Get Stale Overnight?

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