The Anatomy of Video Channels that Make Millions

by Chandal Nolasco Da Silva
What does it take to become a successful video-blogger (vlogger) like PewDiePie, who rakes in a jaw-dropping $7 million each year from his YouTube channel? A sense of humor or an extremely high tolerance for Kinder egg-opening can go a long way, but if this doesn’t come naturally, you’re going to have to read on. People Magazine recently sponsored and covered VidCon 2015.Read the full article

40 surprise eggs Kinder Surprise Disney Toy Story Shrek Peppa Pig Thomas Mickey Mouse

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Youtube Tips and Tricks: Setting up a Youtube Channel (2014)

Super AN: Use Code "ImALump" for 10% off: Twitter: T-Shirts: YT Gamers: The main purpose of this video is to help people who are setting up a brand new youtube channel and have no idea how the process works. please be patient as more advanced tips and tricks will be coming in the future. Thank you :) Music By: teknoaxe Song: I'm Everywhere Permission:

How To Add Links To Your YouTube Channel Sidebar

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