The Best Branded Content of August 2015

by Joe Lazauskas
In August, the impossible happened: ROI went viral. The most compelling piece of content marketing this past month was a blank four-minute video that made a big point about content measurement: YouTube views might be meaningless. Solve, an independent ad agency, drove 100,000 views to a blank video through YouTube pre-roll ads.Read the full article

Hellmuth Karasek rezensiert den IKEA Katalog

Das meistgedruckte Buch unserer Zeit – der IKEA Katalog – wird von Hellmuth Karasek, einem der wichtigsten und einflussreichsten Literaturkritiker im deutschsprachigen Raum, rezensiert. Hellmuth Karasek reviews the IKEA catalogue The book with the highest run of our time – the IKEA catalogue – is being reviewed bei Hellmuth Karasek, one of the most important and most influential literary critics in the German-speaking countries.

The Blank Video Project

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  • How This Agency's Completely Blank 4-Minute YouTube Video Got 100,000 Views - 32 readers, 1024 Tweets - Still obsessed with YouTube views as the key metric for knowing whether a video really connected with your audience? Not so fast, says ad agency Solve, which embarked on an experiment recently to see whether it could make literally the most uncreative video go viral.