Periscope Recap: Tips to Improve Your Email Click-Through Rate

by Ryan Pinkham
You know it’s important to get people to open your emails. But once someone opens, how can you tell if they’re actually acting on the messages you’re sending out? This is where your click-through rate comes in. While your open rate tells you how many people opened, your click-through rate tells you how many of those people actually clicked on a link within your email.Read the full article

Tips to Improve Your Email Click Through Rates | Periscope | Constant Contact

Constant Contact Content Manager, Ryan Pinkham offers tips for improving your email click-through rates live on Periscope. Find out: • Why your click-through rates matter • How your sending frequency can impact open and click-through rates • How the amount of content in your emails impacts your click-through rate • How many people actually click the links in your emails • What you can learn from your click-through rate • 6 actionable tips to improve your email click-through rates