Where’s Alex From Target? Will Bad Data Keep His Fan Girls From Finding Him…

by Bernadette Coleman
Can three star-struck girls find Alex from Target in time? Not if bad data keeps sending them to the wrong location! Find out if they find him by watching the newest video in the #MoData series featuring Alex Lee. We created this video to emphasize the importance of data accuracy online for local businesses and brands.Read the full article

Alex From Target | Google My Business #MoData Local Awareness Video [Local Site Submit]

Alex from Target helps Google My Business with episode 1 - Bad data Ruins Teenage Lives! Is your business listed correctly? Share, Tweet, Facebook this video OR a picture of you drinking a bubble tea with the #MoData hashtag to be entered to WIN an autographed Alex Lee (Alex From Target) T-Shirt. Business Owners and Digital Marketers visit http://www.LocalSiteSubmit.com/alex TODAY run a FREE Online Visibility Report. Find out how your business ranks on Google, Yahoo, Bing and the top 50 directory sites with just a click of a button. Identifying this data online would take hours and visiting countless websites. Local Site Submit’s Online Visibility Report provides all of this information quickly and easily. The first step is to identify bad data and the second is to correct it. Start NOW … Take Control Of Your Data TODAY! Google My Business Local Awareness Video Directed and Produced by Advice Interactive Group http://www.AdviceInteractiveGroup.com Local Site Submit http://www.LocalSiteSubmit.com Media Distribution Solutions http://www.BetterVideo.com Special Thanks Lead Actor Alex Lee https://www.alexleeworld.com Brick-and-Mortar Business Delish Bubble Tea http://www.delishbubbletea.com Talent Provided by Icon Studios Dallas http://iconstudiosdallas.com #AlexLeeFanGirls Actresses Tyra Fernandez - Girl 1 Madison Glider - Girl 3 Chloe Hermansen - Girl 2 Questions? Email Social@LocalSiteSubmit.com Follow Us http://twitter.com/LocalSiteSubmit http://facebook.com/localhubapp Transcription [00:00:00] [Alex Tweet: Going to @DelishBubbleTea Meet me there!] Girl 1: Oh my gosh guys, Alex from target wants us to meet him somewhere. Girl 2: Who’s Alex from Target? Girl 1: Are you serious? Girl look. [On Screen – Alex on Ellen DeGeneres TV Show: Yeah I have worked at that target for about three months now.] Girl 2: He is so cute. Girl 1: I told you! You want to meet him? [00:00:20] Girl 2: Where is it at? Girl 1: Somewhere around here we’ll find out in the car Girl 3: Let’s go. Girl 2: I can drive. Cashier: Hi sir, welcome to Delish Bubble Tea can I help you? Girl 3: Oh my gosh I am so excited we are going to get to see Alex! Girl 2: So am I. Girl 1: He’s really close by guys. Alex: Can I have a bubble tea with tropical blend? Cashier: What’s your name? Alex: Uh Alex, from target. [00:00:40] Cashier: Alex from target? Girl 3: He’s so cute. Like did you all see Alex’s last video? Girl 2: Yeah it’s so funny? Girl 1: Wait what was it? The one where he was talking British? Alex: Oh and by the way, in the next like 10 to 15 minutes a lot more people are going to start showing up. Girl 3: Is that it over there? Girl 1: No. It’s something else. [00:01:00] Girl: Guys, no one’s here. [On Screen Question: Is your business address listed correctly online?] Girl 3: What? Girl 1: What? Girl 2: Come one we have to go find him. Girl 3: The next one, the only, the last one is on 75. Girl 1: Well its right up the street let’s head there. Girl 2: All right let’s go. [00:01:20] Girl 3: I don’t think anybody’s in there. [On Screen Question: Are your business hours correct on Google?] Girl 2: Oh my gosh it’s closed. Girl 1: Well Google it again. Girl 2: We have to find him come on. Girl 3: Let’s go. [00:01:40] Girl 2: He has to be here. Oh my gosh. Girl 3: He has to be here, I am so excited. I am so excited to see him. Girl 2: He is so cute. [00:02:00] Girls: Is Alex from target here? Cashier: Oh no sorry you just missed him. Girls: Come on. Alex: Bad data ruins teenage lives. Crowd: Can we find your business online? [On Screen Question: Are your online business listings accurate?] [00:02:40] [Music / Ads: 00:02:41 – 00:03:10]