10 Quick Wins for Getting Started Fast with Facebook Video

Many marketers who are looking to get started with video marketing will turn to YouTube—and for good reason: With 300 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube every minute, YouTube has huge potential for reaching a big audience. There’s another equally large and quickly growing video home as well: Facebook.Read the full article

10 YouTube Fundamentals: Shareability

WATCH THE NEXT VIDEO: http://goo.gl/BlDmuq Got a new series idea for your YouTube channel? Run it through the 10 Fundamentals of a Creative Strategy. This framework will help you maximize your potential for long-term success on YouTube. This first video includes Fundamental #1: Shareability. Will viewers share your videos? The 10 Fundamentals were developed by YouTube's Creative Strategy team, based on interviews and research alongside our most successful creators. This episode features advice from Kevin Leiber of Vsauce2, Richard Wiseman of Quirkology, and Rhett and Link of Good Mythical Morning. Hosted by Matt Koval. - Level up your YouTube skills with Creator Academy lessons: http://goo.gl/E9umlU - See index of all lessons: http://goo.gl/x2h1NG - Get how-to step-by-step help: http://goo.gl/fBzr7