The Content Challenge of the Invisible Brand

Published 1 min ago 34 You know it when you see it. The drama unfolds. It draws you in with a compelling story line. It presents a mystery or a dilemma. Here’s an example: It’s only at the very end – sometimes in the very last frame, sometimes just as product placement – that the brand is revealed. In this case it’s Choice Hotels. I’m calling this trend the Invisible Brand.Read the full article

Choice Hotels - Stay or Go? :60

Choice Hotels believes it's time to go to your people. To family members. Old friends. New friends. Work colleagues. Your old freshman roommate. After all, nothing compares to being there in person. And when you choose to go to your people, go to (, where you'll find the room and the rewards that'll make you glad you went.

The Dangers of Selfie Sticks PSA

The Big Flavor Dipper Pizza: you're gonna need a bigger selfie stick. Order now at Please Selfie Responsibly. These egotistical specimens of visual self-obsession are in danger. Help protect them by sharing this video with any fabulous narce artists who suffer from selfie stick abuse. Pizza Hut is a supporter of those suffering from selfie stick abuse. Watch the Behind the Scenes video here: Connect with us! Created, produced and distributed by Shareability.