Ashley Madison Names: Reputation Management Crisis Waiting to Happen #JimAndAnn

by Jim Boykin
A couple of weeks ago the whole database of Ashley Madison, the well-known cheating website, got hacked and lots of its users’ personal data became public. Whether you were active on the site or just registered out of curiosity, your name may be in that database and that means it will now be published online in various forms and publications.Read the full article

Ashley Madison Reputation Management: Services and DYI #JimAndAnn

Ashley Madison is a well-known social media network for cheating. Its database was compromised and made public a few weeks ago which means tons of personal data is being released to the web. Many sites are picking the data up and turn into on site content, so if your name is in that database (for whatever reason), it's only the matter of time when this may become your personal reputation issue. Ashley Madison traces can be a huge problem for career building and personal happiness. Especially if you are into military, teaching, politics, this can be a huge issue. The CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas Jim Boykin and the Brand and Community Manager Ann Smarty are discussing DYI reputation tasks you can implement to get prepared for the disaster or prevent it.