Belinda Weaver: How To Go From A ‘Paid-By-The-Hour’ Freelance Copywriter To Making Money While You Sleep Selling Information Products

by Yaro Starak
Belinda Weaver offers one of the best examples I have ever heard of someone carefully planning and executing the transformation from full time employee, to freelancer (paid-by-the-hour or per contract), to independent blogging entrepreneur selling her own teaching products (earning money while she sleeps).Read the full article

Belinda Weaver: From Being A Freelance Copywriter To Making Money Selling Information Products Belinda Weaver is a successful Copywriter, business owner, and now a Copywriter coach who is also from Brisbane but is now based in San Jose. She started in the industry of copywriting as an employee before she ventured into her own business, providing clients copywriting services. Years of expertise and experience have led Belinda to provide online courses for Copywriters who want to transition from freelancing to finally building a business. She is currently selling information products that has become very successful ever since she launched them. Listen to this interview and learn how Belinda transition from the freelancing to selling digital products and services online. Yaro Starak