What converts better: $100, $99, or $97?

by Derek Halpern
I believe the subject line said it all. What converts better? $100, $99, or $97? And should you even worry about something like this? Some people would say yes. After all, look around for split test results and you’ll see results like “changing a button color yields 1 million percent increase in conversions!” But today I’ve got something a lit ...Read the full article

What Converts Better: $100, $99, or $97?

There's a trend in pricing products and services online. Many business owners use a 7 or a 9 in their pricing because "they heard it converts better." In this video, I explain why this idea is flawed. I also show you the one important thing you SHOULD be testing for when it comes to price testing. After you watch the video, I have a couple questions for you: How do you price your products or services online? Do you plan to test for price elasticity after watching this video? Let me know by leaving a comment here: http://socialtriggers.com/what-converts-better-100-99-or-97/ If you're looking for more videos on marketing, psychology, entrepreneurship, and more, then subscribe to my YouTube channel right here: http://bit.ly/WqPFyy To get even MORE great free content, exclusive tips, and updates I don't share with just anyone, then be sure to sign up for the Social Triggers mailing list here: http://socialtriggers.com/newsletter