6 Content Marketing Trends to Help Plan Your 2016 Budget

by Ted Karczewski
I’ve been so focused on becoming a better writer lately that I spent about 30 minutes over lunch thinking of the most creative way to start this post. With brands adopting story form as a way of creating content that resonates with audiences, kicking off any article these days without a clever first line will turn readers away.Read the full article


Dos amigos. Un momento para el que ninguno estaba preparado. Una decisión que durará toda la vida. Coca-Cola presenta: El SMS. Y tú, ¿Qué harías por un verdadero amigo? Two friends. A moment for which no one was prepared. A decision that will last a lifetime. Coca-Cola Presents: The SMS What would you do for a true friend? Dois amigos. Um momento para o que nenhum deles estava preparado. Uma decisão que vai durar toda a vida Coca-Cola apresenta: O SMS. E você? o que você faria para um amigo?

If You're Taking Youth For Granted, Try This Instant-Aging Suit

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