Content Marketing Projects That Are Taking the World by Storm

by Joe Pulizzi
In content marketing, success isn’t always easy to define. But one of the surest signs your program is on the right track is when your fellow content marketers recognize it as worthy of their attention and their praise. This year, we present the 11th annual Content Marketing Awards, celebrating excellence in 75 distinct areas of our industry – the best and brightest achieveme ...Read the full article

Quiznos We Love The Subs in HD!

We made this wonderful commercial for Quiznos a few years ago now. It was aired during the Superbowl, and caused total mayhem! Clearly it is the greatest commercial ever made. There was no decent way of getting high quality video on to the net then, but now youtube has HD, and so in the week of our 100th newsletter, I'm putting the Quiznos ads in glorious HD up here! Hoorays! More at