Retargeting in PPC & Social – AuthorityLabs HoA Recap, Video, & Podcast

by Michelle Stinson Ross
This episode of the #Authority HoA was originally streamed live on September 2nd with featured guests Sean Dolan, President of PushFire, Inc. & Rachel Malone-Olson, Social Account Manager at aimClear, and hosted by Melissa Fach, produced by Michelle Stinson Ross, and color commentary from AuthorityLabs CEO, Chase Granberry.Read the full article

Retargeting in PPC & Social - #AuthorityHoA

What is retargeting? How does it work? We have two of the best lined up to discuss the business benefits of retargeting. Join guests +Sean Dolan of PushFire and Rachel Malone-Olson of +aimClear for tips and strategy to take your digital marketing to the next level. Hosted by +Chase Granberry +Melissa Fach and +Michelle Stinson Ross