Gatorade enters the game with its first VR experience

Gatorade is stepping up to the plate with its first foray into virtual reality. Gatorade Virtual Reality, which launched today, puts users in the body and mind of MLB all-star Bryce Harper as he bats for the Washington Nationals. Using a VR headset and headphones, the user feels like she is standing in the batter’s box in Nationals Park as several pitches are thrown, with a re ...Read the full article

Gatorade | Bryce Harper Virtual Reality | Behind The Scenes

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Gatorade created a virtual reality experience with Bryce Harper. This experience is a chance for fans to feel what it’s like to be Bryce Harper in the batter’s box with everything on the line. Bryce Harper Virtual Reality Experience created by The Mill, New York. ECD/Director – Rama Allen CD/Director – Westley Sarokin

Gatorade | 360° Bryce Harper Virtual Reality Experience

Do you have what it takes to score in the bottom of the 9th with everything on the line? Step up to the plate and become Bryce Harper in this epic 360° video. Go toe-to-toe with a Major League Baseball pitcher and see if you can hit a 90 mph fastball. Video must be experienced in the latest YouTube app or Chrome desktop browser. Mobile – 360° Video: Open the video in the YouTube app, then move your phone around to become Bryce Harper. For optimal experience, view over WiFi. Desktop – 360° video: To view on your computer, open the video in Google Chrome and click to drag around to see what Bryce sees. For optimal experience, view in 1440p HD. Mobile – Virtual Reality: To see what it’s like to be Bryce Harper, use a Cardboard headset on your Android device, open the video in the YouTube app, then tap the cardboard headset icon in the bottom right to switch into virtual reality viewing mode. Place your phone horizontally in the headset and boom, you’re Bryce.